Dear Devora,

Thank you so much for thinking of me this time! I was so touched by the unexpected delights that helped to make this a beautiful time. Your kindness and consideration especially under these bizarre circumstances of social distancing makes me feel all the more connected with you and your family. I really appreciate your warmth. Wishing all the best to you and your family.




Dear Devora and Dr. Caytak,

 Thank you so much for all you do  with the JYL. The classes you offer are truly masterful and beautifully run. Every person feels that they have a chance to truly learn no matter the background they bring. You are so open at the outset of every class. Devorah that no question is too small. Thank you for bringing in me so far a big mitzvah for  which we are grateful. Wishing you a sweet New Year.

 By N 

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Dear Devora and Yosef,

Thank you very much for the beautiful matching outfits for our children. My son has already worn his and looks adorable in it. We are so grateful for the warm, intimate, personalized learning environment your school provides for him. He comes home everyday so happy with many stories. It is wonderful to watch him grow and learn at WJMP. Looking forward to being together as a community (hopefully) soon.

Eand B